New Year, New Everybody, Apparently

Hey there,

So I'm posting again because this website exists!  Though perhaps since this site is just a simple portfolio site few people see and not some bustling hub of activity, there's not much reason to update this blog unless some big news happens?

Ah well.

I got promoted to full-time at my Normal Job For Squares, which is cool because once I pay off my credit cards and all that good stuff, I'll actually start saving money, barring some cataclysmic life event.

A portion of that money will go to making this art career happen, be it in advertising or making flights out to conventions or whatever.  So that's a positive! On the downside, I am drained by the end of every day getting home from work, and my personal life keeps me busy and I don't think working weekends is healthy for me, so I find it hard to get myself fully into the art-making.  I am, however, working on getting a laptop I can work from so that I can be productive when I'm out of the house for whatever reason.

I took a trip to Michigan a couple weekends ago to visit Brandon from Waterlogged, and we and our girlfriends hung out and had a great time trying out different beers and eating food and talking, going to concerts, and just having an amazing time.  Looking forward to the next one if you read this, buddy.

Anything else?  Hmm.  I'm still working on two projects, which keep getting pushed back because nobody I know isn't busy (capitalism is a cruel monster that feeds off of your time) and I'm just out here living, I guess.

Thanks for reading this if you did.  Peace and blessings.