Getting Projects Done and "My Normal Job For Squares"

Hey there folks who aren't reading this. Just a quick update on my life and projects and etc.

I've had one big project that I've been working tiredly to get done that's finally wrapping up this week! I'm very excited to be finally finished with it, and very excited to be paid a decent amount of cash for it. I'll throw the best pics of the bunch up on this site once I get permission to do so from the person who commissioned the art. It's been a real challenge for me though, pushing me to work on things that I'm not accustomed to drawing, and my work ethic has prevented me from bullshitting any of that, SO IT'S BEEN STRENUOUS TO SAY THE LEAST.

Still, though, I'm almost done, and I cannot wait. Once I finish this project, I have another project I need to finish pronto (as it's due on August 12th (!!!)) which, to be fair, is a much lighter workload. From there, I plan to get back to making some great Waterlogged comics, as well as finally starting production on another comic that somebody is going to pay me to do, and will be difficult much in the same way the first project in this post was. HOORAY!

But I can't complain, people are actually paying me to do art for them, though I am definitely undercharging them (because they can't afford my normal rates, and I can't afford to not get work of some kind). Besides, these are friends I know personally, so I gave them what I call the "homie hookup" (special thanks to the black community for all of the slang and fun terms white people use. Also, thanks to the black community for pretty much all of the music I listen to, fashion I wear, and so much more, pretty much everything).

So yeah, I guess I really can't complain, my art career is coming along slowly but somewhat successfully if you consider being paid modest sums for a lot of work success. As an artist, I do! I'm currently waiting on a payment for some music I've made as well, so that's success on two fronts. Being a multi-hyphenate has its advantages.

As for my Normal Job For Squares, that's going along fairly smoothly as well. Now that I have officially finished training, my hours have been reduced to part-time, which sucks because now I make about half as much money as I was making. Can I just being in training forever? Seems like an odd reward for becoming good enough at one's job to do it on your own, BUT I SUPPOSE THESE THINGS HAPPEN. I have let the bosses know I would like more hours, and if I do well in my first month, I have been promised an increase in about 12 hours per week, which would be just gravy! That way I could do art while I'm not at the Normal Job for Squares, work on my career, while still keeping myself financially stable with steady hours. Is it a lot of work, juggling an aspiring art career while also working a Normal Job for Squares? Yes. Yes it is. Is it worth it?

God I hope so.

I'll see y'all later folks, hopefully with more news about art stuff in the near future. In the meantime, take a look around the site. I've put a few more things up, with plans to put even more up on the way. What's that thing you youngsters say? Wubba lubba dub dub? Yeah, I think that's it.