New Year, New Everybody, Apparently

Hey there,

So I'm posting again because this website exists!  Though perhaps since this site is just a simple portfolio site few people see and not some bustling hub of activity, there's not much reason to update this blog unless some big news happens?

Ah well.

I got promoted to full-time at my Normal Job For Squares, which is cool because once I pay off my credit cards and all that good stuff, I'll actually start saving money, barring some cataclysmic life event.

A portion of that money will go to making this art career happen, be it in advertising or making flights out to conventions or whatever.  So that's a positive! On the downside, I am drained by the end of every day getting home from work, and my personal life keeps me busy and I don't think working weekends is healthy for me, so I find it hard to get myself fully into the art-making.  I am, however, working on getting a laptop I can work from so that I can be productive when I'm out of the house for whatever reason.

I took a trip to Michigan a couple weekends ago to visit Brandon from Waterlogged, and we and our girlfriends hung out and had a great time trying out different beers and eating food and talking, going to concerts, and just having an amazing time.  Looking forward to the next one if you read this, buddy.

Anything else?  Hmm.  I'm still working on two projects, which keep getting pushed back because nobody I know isn't busy (capitalism is a cruel monster that feeds off of your time) and I'm just out here living, I guess.

Thanks for reading this if you did.  Peace and blessings.

Still Working

Maybe someday I'll have a title other than "some variation of working".

I said I would try and update this more regularly, so here I am trying.  I finished a piece I started working on as color practice.  It's the Calvin and Hobbes piece that you can find here.  I found a site that generates vague ideas for something to draw from a list that people submit to, and I decided to try it out.  I ended up with the prompt "a moonlit grave" and the drawing started as one totally different thing before becoming what it is now.

Work is still progressing with the two projects I'm being commissioned to do, and hopefully after two meetings today and tomorrow, I'll be on track to get the one finished in about a week, so I'm looking forward to being all finished with that.

That's about all for now.

More Work

My life is a lot of work lately, so I have been slacking putting together this site, which feels like a waste of money, but being busy isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I've been working my Normal Job For Square (TM) and working on two projects that I am being paid to do, so that's cool.  Brandon of Waterlogged visited Philly a couple months ago and we had a chance to hang out for literally the first time ever, and it was a lot of fun.  Other than that it's been going from the NJFS, to my home where I work on the projects, to my bed where I sleep, and then back to NJFS, from where the cycle then repeats over and over and over.  So, the holidays have been a nice break from the constant grind.

I can't go into detail about the projects or when they're being released, but I can tell you that they have been keeping me very busy.  They're a book and a comic, and work on the comic project has been going steadily, so I'm hoping to have the first part (of 6) finished before the end of the year, and the book project should be done in December.

Here's hoping to get the site to a place where I feel more comfortable giving people the URL, but in the meantime at least I am working, so I guess the site hasn't quite been a priority. I'm also trying to get some fun personal projects done as well so I don't go crazy, so I'm posting up a "doodle" section onto the Illustration page, and when I can get some cool doodles done more frequently I'll do blog posts of them.  Also, once I feel less overwhelmed by everything, I'll try and use this blog section more frequently as well.

Here's to a busy next several months!

Getting Projects Done and "My Normal Job For Squares"

Hey there folks who aren't reading this. Just a quick update on my life and projects and etc.

I've had one big project that I've been working tiredly to get done that's finally wrapping up this week! I'm very excited to be finally finished with it, and very excited to be paid a decent amount of cash for it. I'll throw the best pics of the bunch up on this site once I get permission to do so from the person who commissioned the art. It's been a real challenge for me though, pushing me to work on things that I'm not accustomed to drawing, and my work ethic has prevented me from bullshitting any of that, SO IT'S BEEN STRENUOUS TO SAY THE LEAST.

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Steady Gig

So, every artists obviously dreams of their art being their bread and butter. It's a goal I worked towards for many years, and I was not successful for a combination of reasons having to do with life things getting in the way, financial troubles, depression, laziness on my part and a lack of skillful self-promotion.

I still have hopes that I can make that dream a reality someday, but in the meantime I've picked up a real person job (or as I call it, "my normal job for squares"). It's not the most exciting line of work but it's something that will hopefully keep me afloat, pay my bills, and give me a little bit of stability in my life while I continue striving to be a great and successful artist.

So, here's a cheers to me for landing a gig, even if it's not one I ever dreamed of doing. Here's to attempting to stave off some uncertainty and hardship in my life until I can make things work out in the art world.

Knowing my schedule way ahead of time makes my life a lot easier too, so I'm pretty thankful for that.

Anyways I continue hacking away at the rough patches on this site until I can get it closer to something that is worth linking people to. If you've found yourself here, well, thanks for checking the site out, and double thanks for taking an interest in whatever's going on in my life.

The new site!

I have been needing a new site for some time, and I figure now is as good a time as any to finally get this show on the road.

Welcome. I do drawings and music and I write and I am available for hire.

E-mail me at to inquire about any of my services or creative endeavors you might want to involve me in. I promise that I am friendly, patient, and very handsome.